Whether you’re having an office lunch, corporate event or a wedding we can handle it! Every catering or banquet event is unique, and the planning and pricing is as well. Chef Cody and our team can assist you to make your special event a reality. Our catering can be delivered by an Urban Taco team member in disposable aluminum pans.

Please call us at 405-270-7825 to discuss how we can help you cater your next event!

Important Notes:

  • All orders are packaged in bulk.
  • A $100 minimum is required for all catering deliveries. If you have a smaller delivery order, we have other options available.
  • A 24 hour or greater notice is very much appreciated.


Food Truck

We can bring our popular food truck to your business, home or anywhere else a truck can go.  From small groups to huge crowds… nothing makes people happier than tacos!

Important Notes:

  • Minimum order of $500 or 50 orders must be guaranteed (for events within a 30-mile radius of OKC, areas further mileage may be charged).  Truck rental fees included 2 hours of service, additional time can be booked in increments for $25 for each 1/4hr increment.
  • $250 booking fee deposit due at time of booking.
  • Truck events must be booked one week or more in advance.
  • A limited, custom menu created for each event.

Please call us at 405-270-7825 to discuss how we can bring the taco party truck to your next event!


Click here to download the Catering Menus

Catering menu outside

Catering menu inside